“Twee is an Italian band from Turin, consisting of a lead vocalist Nadia Gai, guitarist Gianluca Leo, bassist Giorgia Ruggeri and drummer Margherita Di Saint Pierre. After their first experience as a cover band, they gained exposure with the release of their debut single “Every Week,” with which they won the Red Ronnie’s “Trofeo Roxy.” The song was placed in heavy rotation on MTV Music for the whole summer of 2015 and, during an event in collaboration with Kia Motors, it was played by the band on the prestigious Blue Note’s stage in Milan. In the summer of 2016, it was published by Warner Music Italy, and “Every Week” became the soundtrack of a Sky Tv series commercial.  In May 2016 they released “Clouds” that was broadcasted by Radio Capital. The second single was also included in the “20/20 compilation” by Sony Music. During that same summer, Twee perform in many Italian music festivals, including Collisioni, Balla coi cinghiali, Reload Festival, Iscream, Voobstock, Deejay On Stage, and M.E.I.

In collaboration with Rolling Stone magazine and Kia Motors Italia, they took part in the “Sofa Rolling” format, playing at the prestigious Samsung District during the Italian National Soccer matches.  “Summer of Love,” was the third single from the band, released in March 2017. This fresh and entertaining song led to the highly-anticipated release of “Mango,” their debut album.  “Mango” was presented for the first time in a pre-release live at Hiroshima Mon Amour in Turin. During the summer of 2017 the band performed on more than 30 stages in Italy and Europe, including Flowers Festival (with Levante and Peaches) and Sziget Festival (Budapest).  In autumn 2017 the tour continued in Turin, headlining at the Reset Festival, and in Milan at Base Milano.

The latest single of the band is “High,” a rainbow-coloured song, which celebrates sexual freedom and coming out in a happy and coloured way.  Twee celebrated New Year’s Eve performing with multi-platinum Italian singer Elisa during the “Capodanno di Asti” event. “Mango” was officially released on all digital stores on September 8th.”