Giuliano Palma leaves The Bluebeaters in 2012 – after 18 years together with them – but in nine month the group is reborn. Pat Cosmo Benifei comes back to sing together and play with Cato Senatore, De Angelo Parpaglione, Count Ferdi and other musicians – once part of Bluebeaters big family. A new single, Toxic, a new set list and an always new band – but still pivoting on the original four members – performs live gigs, during 2013 and a part of 2014. At the end of 2014 they sign with Record Kicks in order to produce their first LP, distributed in Italy and abroad. It was recorded at Andromeda Studio, Turin.

Everybody Knows is published in April 2015. The sound of the album comes back to Jamaican roots that Bluebeaters have been handling with style and originality for 23 years. Songs are re-arrangements in Bluebeaters’ style, but the band also begins to work on original songs in Italian. For the first time Pat Cosmo Benifei is the front man of the group: his incredible voice steals the scene on the stage.

Five are the singles that come out of this album, some also in vinyl. Roll with it and Everybody Knows have a video too. Projects and collaborations multiply: they work with Max Casacci, Bianco, Boom Da Bash, Lo Stato Sociale and Diego Mancino.

The tour, planned by BPM Concerti, goes all around Italy – 100 gigs during the last year and a half. Everybody Knows’ tour will end in 2016 when the band will go back to the studio to record a new album with new original songs born thanks to the collaborations with young artists and authors.