Sem&Stènn met each other il 2011 and started their music project one year later. They first worked as djs in the most important clubs in Milan (Plastic, Rocket and many more). In 2016 the duo released their first record “Wearing Jewels&Socks”. They started promoting their music independently in Italy and France, including their opening for The Garden at Magnolia, Milan.

The X Factor experience started in summer 2017, when they introduced themselves with their song “The Fair”, after succeeding in every selection phase, they’ve been chosen to be part of the final 12 for the live shows. During the competition they didn’t have a standard artistic path, singing and reworking The Cure’s Let’s Go To Bed, Marilyn Manson’s The Dope Show, Electric Feel by MGMT and This Is Not A Love Song by PIL, and also been involved in the art direction of their performances. Sem&Stènn performances were always reviewed as the best of the night by Rolling Stone Italia.

They’re going to start their first tour on March 2018, during the release of the lead single from the coming up album.