One day, almost ten years ago, three guys bumped into each other and formed Rumatera. What is Rumatera ? Off course one of the most surprising rock band around, but beside the sweaty and amazing shows, they have a mission, to share with the world their way of life made of fun, booze, party.

Rumatera is a three piece punk rock band from Italy. Rumatera is the first band able to achieve a wide and strong national success singing in “Venetian” which is the idioma they speak in Venice.
Rumatera is today one of the leading band in Italy.

To think about Rumatera’s music, imagine a big traditional italian pizza with a lot of stuff on top.
You can taste Blink 182, the west coast 90’s punk and ac/dc and enjoy a powerful live show with homemada nasty gogo dancer, performers and three 100% italian greased stallion on stage.

In January 2018 the band released the E.P. Ciao Bella which includes 5 killer tracks and two videos.

Numbers & Facts:
Rumatera likes on facebook: 70.000
Youtube views: 10M visualizzazioni

Rumatera are:
Daniele Bullo Russo
Giorgio Armani Gozzo
Luca Sciukka Perin