Omar Pedrini is an italian rocker born in 1967 during the Summer of Love (and when Sgt Pepper’s was released)

He started his career in 90 as leader of one of the most important rock band in Italy called Timoria. 9 albums (2 golden)

He started as solo artist in 2004 attending

Festival di Sanremo and winning the award as the best text of the competition. Unfortunately 2 months later Omar was affected by a tough cardiac disease forced him to 3 heart- surgeries. With a great willpower in 2014 restart his own career thanks to the happy encounters with Andrea Dulio his current manager (from the Ignition – management of Noel Gallagher), who gave him an important help to realese his record ‘Che ci vado a fare a Londra?’ In this record he played with a Manchester band called the Folks’ the homonym single that reach an heavy rotation in the most important italian network. In 2017 he signed a new contract with Warner entitle ‘Come se non ci fosse un domani’ that reach the 10 place in the official music italian charts.

In this record he collaborated with: Ian Anderson (Jetro Tull ); the father of Beat Generation Lawrence Ferlinghetti recording together Desperation Horse; and Noel Gallagher who gave to

Omar one of his song (italian version, Un Gioco semplice).

The main idea in Omar’s work is the contamination between every expression of arts; he believes that music is the trade union with all the other art expressions.

Due to his credo he worked – between them- with:

-Writers as: Alejandro Jodorowski, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Aldo Busi, Mauro Corona;

-Actors as: Alessio Boni, Nicola Nocella in the theatrical piece “il Mito di John Belushi “

He wrote and played in Pupi Avati’ s movie “Il figlio più piccolo” and in Dario

Migliardi’s movie “Un Aldo qualunque” and in many others shorts film.

He wrote and presented for Rai Tv and Radio Rai several music programs and for Sky Arte he presented the program “meet the Rockers”.

Omar is professor at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano for the

Master’ s program in musical communication.

He wrote a poetries book “Acqua d’amore ai Fiori Gialli”.

Recently, produced by “Il fatto quotidiano” is the protagonist of the rockumentary “Cane sciolto” with the direction of Mimmo Calopresti inspired by the homonym Omar’s biography “Cane Sciolto” now arrived at the third reprint.

He was the artistic director for 3 years of the Festival “Brescia Music Art” in which took part national and international artists. He is married with Veronica and he has two children Pablo and Emma Daria. He produce with passion wine and oil in his property in Siena-Toscana. Now is touring Italy with his band in last solo album tour released from Warner called “come se non ci fosse un domani “