Assimilated into music at an early age thanks to father and eclectic bassist Courtney Panton Sr, New York-based Jamaican trio of brothers New Kingston have emerged as one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the reggae scene. Their prolific nature, both on the road and in studio, is once on display in the form of the upcoming release of A Kingston Story: Come From Far, due out August 25, 2017 on tastemaker label Easy Star Records, accompanied by a an intensive new album tour.

Comprised of brothers Tahir (keys), Stephen(guitar), and Courtney Panton Jr (drums), New Kingston’s latest offering encompasses the organic roots the band has built while adding a sonic narrative that takes the listener on a journey through carefully constructed soundscapes and genuinely entrancing arrangements. In an attempt to capture the live energy built off the band’s lifelong chemistry, the entire album was recorded out of their home studio, with some help from GRAMMY Award Winning-engineer Fabian Cooke.

Courtney Jr, summed up the album titles message stating “There’s always a moment in life where we subconsciously show gratitude to where we are now by reflecting on where we came from. Come From Far is our experience; as a family, as musicians and as human beings living in a world where anything is possible.”