John De Leo (born Massimo De Leonardis) is an ltalian singer and composer born in Lugo di Romagna on May 27, 1970.

He is a cross sectoral artist , considered one of the most interesting names of the ltalian music scene. His voice-instrument is grafted in an articulated compositional concept that draws on the popular folklores, to jazz, going from rock to contemporary music, to the reading and the radio drama.

Some key words to define his aesthetic: Oe-functionalize, Re-functionalize, Arrangement , Blues, Experimentation , lnterplay, Sound, Word , Polysemy, Curiosity.
In his sound universe coexist special instrumental combinations: the voice now dialogue with a string ensemble, now with guitars and a wood horn section , in banda formation or in a duo with a trombone.

The research of sounds is also originai: often the same instruments or vocals are filtered, manipulated for example by analog instruments , guitar devices, sampled using live looping sampler or they are changed with a fan emulating the Leslie effect and distortion toys.
The research for possible relationships between sound and word is expressed in the verses of the songs written by De Leo himself. The texts are dense of grammatica! inventions in a continuous semantic game of alliteration, assonance and dissonance, which border on neologism up to the denial of the text itself through the onomatopoeia; imaginative, often humorous , sometimes poetic, the songs explore the human sphere.
He currently performs with his JDL Grande Abarasse Orchestra (nine items), and in the special project JOL Grande Abarasse Orchestra + Orchestra Senzaspine, an ensemble of thirty musicians. He is also part, as host, of the project Gianluca Petrella Trio 70’s. He is working in duo with the pianist Fabrizio Puglisi on a new jazz album, soon to be published for Carousel Records.

He is president of the cultura! association Lugocontemporanea, and since 2005 organizes the eponymous Festival of Music and other forms of art expression in Lugo di Romagna, with the sponsorship of Arei Bologna, Regione Emilia Romagna and Greenpeace ltaly. In 2016 he was awarded with the recognition of “UNESCO Ambassador for culture”.