The Reggae&Rock&Roll Circus JAMARAM is ON THE ROAD and there to stay!

Fourteen years of JAMARAM with well over 1,000 live shows in Germany, Europe and across the World – with no end in sight! The gig monsters of the south are permanently on tour and gearing up for a wild escalation of excitement in clubs and on festival stages.

Even in the 14th year of their action-packed band history, the circus-family JAMARAM – welded together through interminable road trips – still can’t be squeezed into any neat genre. With inspiration from travels and tours in over 20 countries, the new explosive live show has Ska&Latin&Pop and a barrage of Balkan Beats&Afrobeat on top of the basic canon of Reggae&Dub – a heady cocktail guaranteed to drive fans and band wild with joy.

If it’s first-class live entertainment you’re after then don’t miss this monster spectacle… there’s nothing for it but to get in there like popcorn or just be astounded!  But JAMARAM has more to offer – not all live. Following 8 studio albums and a live DVD, another long player is due out early next year with live impressions and highlights from recent times, together with a 40-minute documentary on last year’s joint tour with the African artists Acoustic Night Allstars.

And wedged between touring, festivals and trips to Brazil and Africa planned for Summer 2014, there’ll be recording sessions for the next great project: a joint album with musicians from Zimbabwe (release 2015). Expectations are high – the future for JAMARAM is set to be full on.