No-one throws a dj party like Scratchy. The renown dj who toured with the legendary Clash, Scratchy still has his finger on the rockin’ dance pulse, bringing together an irresistible blend of rock’n’roll, reggae and roma, a true mestizo mix of the greatest music on the planet, from and for all times.

At a time when everyone claims to be a dj, Scratchy stands out as a genuine, independent and free-thinking phenomenon.

It was a consciousness and love of rockin’n’rollin roots music, a formidable reputation from his ongoing club and concert work at major venues and events in London, from Dingwalls to the Roundhouse and the Lyceum plus an initial couple of tours with Dr.Feelgood, that led to two years as the on-the-road tour dj with his favourite band the Clash. He accompanied them throughout the UK and was an essential feature of their first three US campaigns. Meanwhile, between tours, he continued to play London concerts with stellar acts like Iggy Pop, Blondie, the Ramones, the Cramps and Black Uhuru.

Excited by how the punk sensibility had spread across the globe, combining with different local musical traditions to bring about fresh musical forms, in the new millennium he hooked up again with Joe Strummer, himself a great adherent of the new global music. This provided Scratchy with the perfect arena to further develop his own fascination with both roots music and the contemporary and, thus, take ‘The Rock and The Roll of The World’ back onto a larger stage.

Scratchy had bypassed so-called ‘DJ culture’ and remains to this day relatively and refreshingly beats-free. He is an unrepentant rock’n’roller. It is that spirit which he still seeks today, in the music of the wider world.

Now, it is not unusual to hear Selecta Scratchy segue from the honking horns of the Skatalites into the pumping brass of Fanfare Ciocarlia. The frantic sounds of New Orleans’ Zydepunks might give way to some classic Cajun, whilst the loping bass and accordion stabs of a Colombian cumbia may hand over to Mano Negra’s jumped-up mestizo-punk. One thing is for sure, his mixes are unique. They are neither predictable nor are they one-dimensional. No two sets are alike. In pushing his audience, Scratchy is always pushing himself