Bruno Belissimo is a ItaloCanadian Dj/Producer and multi­instrumentalist.One of two twin brothers of an italian family landed in Canada in the 70’s, Bruno spent his childhood in the suburbs of Toronto where his father owned a movie­ rental business. Bruno grew up in a very creative environment, perhaps for this reason, when he was just a bit more than a child, he showed a great predisposition to music. At 8 he was already the best singer of the Baptist Church ‘The Little Lord’s Singers’ and later he won a scholarship at the ‘Royal Conservatory of Music’ of Toronto where he began to study upright bass and composition. In the following years, Bruno got interested in electronic music, so he began to produce his first tracks pouring the foundation of his own style, made by refined disco programming and groovy bass lines with a unique playing and sound. At the age of 23, Bruno moved to Italy with the family where he lives and works now. Bruno has been very active in the italian music scene during the last years. Along with Low Frequency Club he has released three critically acclaimed albums and toured extensively through Italy and Europe. Now, he is the bass player in Colapesce’s band for the “Egomostro” tour 2015 and works with many other artists, either in studio or live. Bruno Belissimo’s sound is unique and influenced by italo/space disco classics and original soundtracks of italian horror/sci­fi movies from the 70s/80s. “Ethiopia/Galaxy”, his debut single, was released in June 2014 by Local Int. and describes a trippy and groovy journey through the cozy atmosphere of the south of Italy. “From Canada/To Paradise”, his latest single, was released on July 2015 on Local Int. A full lenght album is planned for 2016. Bruno Belissimo’s show is a powerful live set in which he performs playing the bass guitar and controlling live audio and video.