Thanks to some international experience, BPM Concerti Srl has decided to activate a path of continuous internationalization structured in two identified target countries (USA and UK), through the acquisition of appropriate skills and instruments.

The main objective is to increase the insight in the 2 target markets (USA and UK) of the best artistic expressions on the Emilia-Romagna territory, through the promotion of the artists represented and participation in international festivals and the realization of events.

The expected results of the project are:

  1. definition and implementation of a consistent and continuous internationalization strategy over time;
  2. participation in 2 international festivals in the two target countries (USA and UK);
  3. about 25 artists of BPM Concerti Srl promoted in the target countries, through participation in live events;
  4. organization of about 20 events over the 18 months.

Project Co-Financed by The European Regional Development Fund