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Fucking things up since 1992. In a time where the name of a band is more like a tongue twisting nonsensical sentence, usually no less than 17 words including a day of the week and a brand of panty pads, its good to know that there are still bands who like to keep it simple. Like Cooper, a three piece punk rock band that dont need eyeliner and girls jeans but may wear the occasional tight t-shirt, to make a criminally catchy blend of Circle Jerks, Beatles and The Police with The Descendents and Dave Brubeck looking over their shoulder. Live, Cooper are exciting, tight and powerfully intense, and as most 3 pieces achieve, create a powerful melodic wall of sound leaving the songs running round your head for weeks after. There is a good chance you have seen us play as we have been busy over the past several years, sharing the stage with Social Distortion, Fugazi, Offspring, Vandals, Living End, Explosion, Stereophonics, Morphine, Jesus Lizard and Sum 41, to name but a few.


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